• Once it is set-up it pays back all year long making your investment payback everytime a customer is on-hold, listening to a audio message online, or hearing some pleasant music playing overhead.
  • SMR helps solidify your existing business relationships while building new ones by reaching a captive audience.
  • SMR is probably the least expensive advertising you can do at a fraction of a penny per prospect or existing customer
  • SMR is extremely targeted when it comes to on-hold messages and direct audio messages. i.e Audio Postcards, Voiceovers, etc...
  • With SMR you can create a seasonal, ever-changing audio messages while building on your audio brand
  • SMR offers the most personalized services that can help to build your existing brand or simply create a new one.
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On Hold Sound ResourcesOn Hold Sound Resources: A successful on-hold message can deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right audience. No other media available has the ability to speak directly to an individual who is in a receptive state of mind in such a personal way. The alternative is "put-me-to-sleep elevator music", radio stations that will indiscriminately play competitors radio ads or worse, offensive music and racy radio DJ comments.

Overhead Music ResourcesOverhead Music Resources: SMR provides state-of-the-art audio services, including the best overhead music for your business and customers. Allow us to create just the right mood and atmosphere for the best shopping experience and waiting room customers. Whether you want to have a calming work environment, manufacturing facility, retail, hospitality, restaurant, or nursing home, we can recommend and have the right background sounds for your business.

Auto-Attendant ResourcesAuto-Attendant Resources: Your caller is on hold and wanting to navigate your business through your phone system like they would your website. SMR can masterfully create a rich audio experience for your auto-attendant system that will optimize its use by: extending on-hold lengths, serving regularly asked questions such as: directions, business hours, credentials, or other need to know info. A properly designed system can actually replace many functions of a traditional phone attendant but to as many as you like simultaneously.

Web Site Audio ResourcesWeb Site Audio Resources: Web site audio is becoming more and more important as a competitive edge over those that may already have equally pleasing web visuals but need the audio to match. Whether you need audio streamed from a server, a audio file reformatted, or special voiceover marketing forged in our sound studio, we have the options for you. Here is a bulleted list of just some of what we can do:

  • Customized Audio Recording
  • Remastering/Converting audio to other formats: to mp3, m-pegs, aiff, quicktime, realplayer, windows media, flash audio or other formats
  • Audio added to your website as: sound effects to buttons, upon animation plays, upon opening of the site as background sound, as a voiceover for documentary or marketing purposes
  • Streaming your audio or the audio we create from another source so that it doesn't slow your site down. This could be a monthly charge.
  • Adding sound bites to e-mails, social media, and other creative ways to get an advantage

Audio Marketing ResourcesAudio Marketing Resources: The world around us has all kinds of sounds, from the pizza guy ringing the doorbell, the radio going off on the alarm clock, the street merchant selling food and magazines or the sound of church bells ringing every hour for the town. Sound is also the one thing that we can hear on the most levels simultaneously. For instance visuals only have a foreground and a background but audio can be heard with the human ear on 7 to 9 planes all at the same time. What does that mean to you? Well. it means you can have from 7 to 9 tracks of audio working together to get you message out. i.e foreground and background music, voiceover, sound effects and your companies slogan or jingle can all sing together in one harmonious and powerful 30 second audio commercial. It's up to you to determine the final sound of your audio brand and which media outlets you want to be heard in.

  • Once it is set-up it pays back all year long making your investment payback everytime a customer is on-hold, listening to a audio message online, or hearing some pleasant music playing overhead.

Here are a few examples of commonly used media outlets to get your message heard

  • Viral Audio, Videos and Audio and/or Video promotion: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo.
  • Websites- streaming from the site or separate server
  • Audio messaging commercials for every point of contact
  • Audio postcards, audio e-mails or simply an e-mail that has audio streamed or embedded
  • Call center sends customized audio messages upon phone pick-up with telegreeting
  • Auto-attendent Services
  • Overhead Music and overhead "branded" radio- ie: Your Company overhead station

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