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There’s no substitute for experience

David Green has effectively used music and sound as marketing tools since the late ‘70’s, shaping perceptions and changing the face of marketing. From roller skating rinks to discos, special events to on-hold messaging, David has discovered what works, what doesn’t work, and why. Today, from Hold Time Advantage to Sound Marketing Resources, David is simply doing what he’s successfully done for more than 30 years: using sound marketing to make a positive impact on the bottom line of his clients.Click Here to hear 12 answers to tough audio questions with Dave

Custom tailored…not off-the-rack

Whether it’s telephone on-hold messaging or overhead music, narration or web audio, every SMR production is a one-of-a-kind work designed exclusively for one client. David realized long ago that success isn’t measured by the number of clients you have, but by the number of clients you keep. Sound Marketing Resources enjoys a close relationship with clients who insist on individuality. You might even call what we share with our clients more of an ‘elation’ship. They’re more than happy because we deliver results, one client at a time. Our clients will never hear their message ‘refitted’ for another company. It’s the distinction between haute couture and buying off-the-rack…without the major price difference.

Why should your On Hold Messaging provider be an OHMA member?

Our members are required to meet higher standards in order to maintain their membership. And that means a higher standard of service for you. The On Hold Messaging Association is an international organization composed of audio marketing agencies committed to expanding awareness of the On Hold Messaging industry, promoting ethical and professional business practices, assisting independent On Hold Messaging agencies in the development of their businesses, and enhancing the relationship between member agencies and their clients through education, self-regulation, and service and support excellence. OHMA members understand the importance of using hold time as a true marketing tool. They have been in business a minimum of five years to qualify for application to the OHMA organization. They must meet the following criteria as well: their company derives over fifty percent of its revenue from on hold services, and they must show their business model meets the standards of a full service agency, which provides equipment, script writing and voicing, studio production of messages, installation of hardware and technical assistance. The nation's leading on hold companies have been approved by the board of directors to become OHMA members.

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